Jasper's Dad, Kamal, is one of the friendliest men in Nepal! He is also a very experienced trekking guide in the Everest, Annapurna and Langtang trekking regions.

One of the best ways you can help "Jackets for Jasper" - or actually could help Jasper's extended family directly - is to hire Kamal when you are visiting Nepal.

Kamal is the man for you if you would like the comfort of:

  • a smiling, familiar face to greet you at the airport when you arrive and help you settle into your accommodation;
  • someone to show you around Kathmandu and help you with shopping or trip preparation;
  • enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal and visit to Jasper's Kirtipur home;
  • a guided visit to Kamal's extended family hill-village;
  • a well-known and loved trekking guide;

We are in touch with Kamal by telephone and can help you arrange to meet up with a friendly, familiar face when travelling in Nepal. Kamal works with Nava Raj Dahal, of Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition. Nava speaks and writes excellent English and is your professional contact to plan and budget everything you need to know in advance of your trip with Kamal. Please don't hesitate to contact Nava directly or get in touch with us and we can make introductions to get you well on your way!

Kamal and Jasper in the Langtang Valley, 2014.

Jackets for Jasper
Founded 2012. Closed 2019. Funded 14 children!
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