Heart-Warming Down Jackets

What We Accomplished!

Now that we've exceeded our original goals, we've wrapped up retail and custom sales. We want to share our accomplishments. Here are some of the most important and quirkier facts and stats!

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Order Direct from Rajan

Although we've wrapped up our business, Rajan and his factory are not going anywhere. He has been in the business of tailoring and outdoor gear manufacturing for 26 years and he could make something for you!

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 A short film about our business origins and philosophy by Robin Munshaw, Wildland Media

Jackets for Jasper was a tiny business run by Liz and Len out of their home in North Vancouver, BC. All after-tax profits from the sale of jackets is now funding the education of children in Nepal. Between 2012 and 2018, we funded 14 Nepali schoolchildren's lifetime educations, which we will continue to sponsor until the children graduate.